Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit

Vulcan Adhesive Debonding Unit

Break the Bond with Ease!

The patent-pending Chief Vulcan ADU is the first product specifically designed to break the bond of structural adhesives in automotive applications. The Vulcan ADU uses infrared radiation technology to quickly heat the surface to a temperature where the first layer of glue underneath releases cleanly – in as little as 20 seconds!

With the adhesive bonds broken, technicians can then easily separate the materials with less risk of damage to either piece. The epoxy remains smooth and hard, not sticky, leaving behind a clean work surface. The Vulcan ADU can be used on any vehicle surface, including aluminum, carbon fiber and steel using no electromagnetic field.

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  • Breaks the adhesive bond between glued panels or surface
  • Precise temperature control – focus on one panel layer
  • Microprocessor control with color touch screen
  • Uses infrared lamps to output focused heat to a surface
  • Calibration feature to address issues when measuring different color paint and reflectivity
  • Can be used to remove molding and labels
  • 5-step program available to set temperature and time for curing adhesives



  • Voltage: 230V – 50Hz (three phase)
  • User Interface: Color Display Touch Screen (TE70)
  • Power Output: 15kW
  • Cooling System: Air
  • Cable length: 4M
  • Adjustment: Power, Time, and Temperature


  • Power: 3.6kW
  • Lamp Life: 5000h
  • Cooling System: Compressed Air and Chilled Water
  • Temperature Control: Pyrometer
  • Accessories: Temperature Calibrator, Trolley 3461T

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