Lift King Heavy Duty

Lift King Heavy Duty

The safest tool for relocating fiberglass and aluminum

The Lift King Heavy Duty Package comes with everything needed to remove or install semi hoods of all sizes including fiberglass and aluminum.

Once the semi hood is disconnected and ready for removal, the Lift King Main Component converts from the stored position to the working position within 1 minute and with little effort. There are no tools needed. The Main Component is then connected to the semi hood, and the hood is removed in less than 5 minutes, including the original setup time.

This application requires no human lifting of any type and only one technician of any size or strength for semi hood removal or installation.

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The Lift King Heavy Duty Package has two rear mounting options: the tilt scoop and a non-tilt bracket.

Option 1 - Tilt Scoop Mount: This application requires removing the grill. It allows the technician to remove the semi hood, quickly, safely, and with little to no effort. This is a great option for collision, fiberglass, or aluminum repairs. The technician can tilt the hood to the perfect angle and perform repairs in the most visible and comfortable position.

Option 2 - Non-Tilt Mount: This application does not require removing the grill. It allows the technician to remove the semi hood, quickly, safely, and with little effort. This is a great option when performing mechanical repairs that require the hood to be removed.

Both applications make removing a semi hood a very EASY, FAST, and SAFE process for one technician. It also allows the technician to easily relocate the hood anywhere in the shop. The hood is very secure when using the Lift King.


Package Includes:

  • Main Component
  • Semi Hood Attachment


  • One technician, one tool operation
  • Improve safety by avoiding technician strain and injury
  • Improve productivity with one technician instead of four
  • Increase quality by avoiding the chance for damage
  • Lift the semi hood to the desired height when performing repairs
  • Once the hood is removed, it can be moved around the shop with ease.

The Lift King Main Component is not the only way to remove or install semi hoods. It is the SAFEST, and most EFFICIENT way.

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