F.A.S.T. to Universal Adaptors

F.A.S.T. to Universal Adaptors

Quick measuring for wide vehicle frames.

Using Universal Adaptors with F.A.S.T. accessories and Universal base plates allows technicians to quickly set up a measuring. The rail saddles (included in the kit) provide a stabilizing solution for the fraction of time in comparison to other tools.

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The F.A.S.T. to Universal Adaptors are NOT recommended for use in pulling procedures.


Available in four different size options: 

  • Standard Kit
  • Deluxe Short Kit
  • Deluxe Tall Kit
  • Tall Kit

The taller adapter measures at 11 3/4 of an inch tall. While the shorter adapter measures at 8 ½ of an inch tall. This difference allows for use on stepped frames with higher or lower sections, depending on the make or model of the vehicle. The saddle measures 6 3/4 on an inch, which will span the wider frames in production. Also these adapters have more adjustability than the original universal posts.