Deluxe Chain & Clamp

Deluxe Chain & Clamp

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Chief Tool Board Pulling Accessories are available in various configurations, offering maximum versatility to keep pace with evolving automotive design. Make precise pulls on hundreds of unitized and conventional frame models while minimizing structural distortion. Anchors the majority of pickup trucks, SUVs and full frame cars when used with Universal Anchoring System (UAS, USC) stands.

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Design allows broader anchoring points for measuring. Components either allow or prevent rail movement. The system’s long crossbars can be rotated to match the slope of any attachment or frame rail.


  • Unitized Body Clamp
  • 2 Chief Attachment Side-Pull
  • 2 2” Self-Tightening Clamp
  • 1-1/2” Self-Tightening Clamp
  • Chief Bite-Tight C-Clamp
  • Chief Mini Bite-Tight Clamp
  • Chief Angle Bite-Tight Clamp
  • Down-Pull Attachment
  • Regular Deep Hook Set, Mo-Clamp
  • Boltless Strut Tower Puller
  • Nylon Fender Strap
  • Cable Sling
  • 2 Turnbuckle Assist
  • 2 Bumper Puller, w/18” Chain
  • Pulling Plate, Right
  • Pulling Plate, Left
  • 2 Slotted Chain Hook
  • 2 ‘T’ Hook, w/18” Chain
  • 2 ‘R’ Type Hook, w/18” Chain
  • 2 All-Angle Clamp
  • 2 Chain, Tie-Down, 3/8” x 4’ w/Hook
  • 2 Chain, Tie-Down, 3/8” x 8’ w/Hook
  • 2 Slotted Chain Anchor
  • 2 Chain Connector

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