Super Rotax

Super Rotax

An effortless and efficient vehicle loading system

Super Rotax offers effortless loading with removable ramps for unlimited access to the vehicle, a 360° view, and 10-ton pulling. Compatible with electronic measuring, the bench provides 5’9 of uninhibited working height with 11,000 lbs. of lifting capacity. Additionally, the tilts allow for efficient vehicle-loading within minutes for 8-point holding or full fixturing.

Its system comes standard with the full Globaljig Universal Jig (12 pts) storage cart, McPherson Overhead Measuring Bridge, loading ramps, loading stands, winches, and one pulling tower fitted with accessories. Pro tip: Flush mount the bench to gain easier access to the work platform.

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  • 360° 10-ton pull/push towers
  • 5.75 feet of working height
  • High-performance scissor lift structure
  • Locking crossbeams
  • Optional full-frame holding clamps available



    • 5.0m (16’4″)
    • 6.0m (19’6″)

Power Supply:

    • 220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
    • Single Phase Dedicated Line


    • 8,298lbs.
    • 9,416lbs.

Working Footprint:

    • 305″ x 140″
    • 345″ x 140″
  • Width: 78.7″
  • Lift Capacity: 11,000 lbs.
  • Max. Height: 69″
  • Min. Height: 20.5″ – Tilt Loading

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