Meridian Live Mapping System

Meridian Live Mapping System

Vehicle blueprinting with 360° accuracy

Chief’s Meridian™ Live Mapping™ System is a complete vehicle blueprinting package.  It features Galileo™, a precision single-hub laser driven scanner, that provides a quick and accurate 360-degree view of damage not visible to the naked eye. Subsequently, a focused scanner footprint offers multiple viewing points to allow for more measurements and accurate documentation of damage.

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Galileo™ Single Hub Scanner

  • Advanced optical components for accurate readings under any lighting conditions
  • Aerospace material-constructed
  • Geospatial design and micro-rotational technology for consistent speed and precise measurement calculations
  • High-powered laser with a state-of-the-art optical path to increase measurement length performance
  • Sturdy plane stability and easy adjustment features
  • Thermal-resistant technology for temperature inconsistency gains

Barcoded Reflective Targets

  • Protective end caps
  • Minimal replacement investment
  • Variable lengths for easy line of site placement

Bolt, Hole, and Clip Attachments

  • Multiple sizes and mounting options for greater vehicle range
  • Optional Collet Style targets available


Meridian™ Scanner

  • Compact, lightweight design to reduce target blockage and improve line-of-sight for reference point measurements
  • Ergonomic single hub scanner design with easy-to-reach handles
  • Utilizes high-strength “critical tilt angle” steel trays for pulling-system anchored placements under vehicles

Lockable Steel Cabinet Workstation

  • Complete 110-volt or 220-volt system
  • Durable, powder-coated frame structure
  • Secure body scanner storage drawer
  • Secure computer and printer cabinet storage
  • Two fixed casters
  • Two rotating casters


  • Automatically calculates removable components
  • Compares SAI and Caster measurements
  • Includes FREE interactive help and tutorial
  • Incorporates custom company logos into printout design
  • Meridian™ includes Chief’s AutoScan® and Estimator Pro-V® software
  • Produces on-screen photos of recommended targets, attachments, and placements


  • High-speed, high-resolution color printer


  • Heavy-duty CPU with Extreme Graphics, DVD player, and 6-Channel high-output audio system
  • The hyper-threading feature allows multiple programs to run simultaneously without slowing either program
  • Windows 10 Professional Edition Required

Dual, High-Definition Flat Screen Monitors

  • Complete 110-volt or 220-volt system
  • Durable, powder-coated frame structure
  • Secondary web-enabled monitor that can run estimating systems or access OEM repair procedures
  • Secure body scanner storage drawer
  • Secure computer and printer cabinet storage
  • Two rotating casters and two fixed casters

Hole Attachments and Clips

  • Magnetic hole attachments for efficient positioning
  • Size range: 10mm-25mm

Bolt Attachments and Clips

  • Magnetic bolt attachments size range: 10mm-25mm
  • Metal clip attachments size range: 10mm-35mm
  • Threaded bolt attachments size range: 10mm-32mm


  • 45 individual bar-coded reflective targets for simultaneous multiple-point measuring
  • Protective end caps to help prevent damage and prolong product quality
  • Sleek design and variable lengths to allow comprehensive viewing of multiple targets

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