The BATPRO is a portable full-rise X-lift table that is perfect for EV battery pack replacement. This space-saving scissor lift is ideal for handling EV batteries effectively because of its small size and mobility throughout the workshop. To elevate, lower, and move objects like a high voltage electric vehicle (EV) battery, an engine, a transmission, a seat, a fuel tank, or an axle.

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  • Their portable design makes transporting items from one place to another easy.
  • For secure handling of batteries, a range of lifting brackets are accommodated by uniform mounting holes on the top surface.
  • Low rolling resistance and easy maneuverability are delivered by a steering arm of the pallet-jack type.
  • A typical hand pendant station enables users to control the lift during all lifting activities remotely.
  • The mechanism for tilting the top surface forward, backward, and sideways to align the electric batteries more precisely.


  • Unit Weight: 850 kg / 1874 lbs
  • Maximum Rated Load Capacity: 2500 kg / 5511 lbs
  • Maximum Rated Load on Top Platform Extended Condition: 1800 kg / 3968 lbs
  • Length Width Height (Lowered Condition) Height (Raised Condition): 2340 mm / 92.1 in 935 mm / 36.7 in 800 mm / 31.5 in 1800 mm / 70.9 in
  • Power (Motor) 2.2 kW / 2.95 HP
  • Input Voltage 230 v / 220 v: 50/60 Hz: 1ph
  • Raising (Normal Speed) with rated Load: 45 sec Approx
  • Raising (Slower Speed) with rated Load: 170 sec Approx.
  • Lowering with rated Load: Approx. 40 sec
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 200 bar
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 6 liters

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