TD3 Pro

TD3 Pro

ThermoDry Technology for spray booth retrofits

  • Cabin booth integrated air conditioning and thermoregulation system
  • Central body: anodised aluminum
  • Synthetic fiber pre-filtering element that eliminates condensation
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  • Active carbon filter to eliminate impurities and optimize breathable air
    • Max oil residue < 0,0003 mg/m3
  • Automatic manual drain with safety rod
  • Degreaser filter to manually eliminate residual pollutants
  • Drying group with silica gel to reduce residual humidity in compressed air
    • Possibility of silica gel regeneration with TD3 PRO hot air flow SRS valve
    • Silica gel lasts max 1 year
  • Heating element with 1.200 W power controlled via an electronic unit with PID retroactive system and SCR heating power regulation
  • Synthetic fiber pre-filtering element to eliminate condensation

System Benefits

  • 25%-40% reduction in drying times for waterborne and solvent-based paints
  • Material savings from 15% to 30% due to higher transfer efficiency with maximum coverage
  • Reduction in cycle time and operating temperature in existing spray booths
  • Simple installation: works with your existing compressed air system and 110-volt outlet
  • Superior atomization with zero impurities for a quality finish


  • Air consumption: 1200 ./min. a 6 bar
  • Air inlet: F 1/2″; air outlet: F 1/2″
  • Filtering power: air 5 µ – oil 0,01 µ
  • Pressure Regulator: membrane regulation and automatic decompression
  • REF. 60151
  • Weight: 21 Kg
  • Working pressure: 12 bar

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