Multitool Workstation with M35

Multitool Workstation with M35


Specially designed for the repair of aluminum and steel sheet metal panels. Easy to handle, mobile workstation cabinet for dedicated dent repair, tool storage, and workbench.


  • Includes M35 Drawn ARC Welder (115V) with an automatic gun with 2 ground electrodes, aluminum keys consumables box / 1.5 mm, and a lifting rod.
  • Anodized aluminum pulling bar kit (90 cm) with mobile feet and 10×10 cm pivoting bases. The special shape of the feet, with suction cups, will perfectly fit the car body, including angular surfaces. The kit includes 3 tie-rods and multi-hook gripping heads for a combined or independent dent-pulling operation.
  • Anodized aluminum pulling system for smaller jobs and a single tie-rod with special heads that can pull either a single or a group of hooks. A circular base accessory for the pulling system (to replace the two feet) is used to repair small-diameter dents.
  • Hammer kit with 4 anodized aluminum hammers:
    • Round head – 3.2 oz.
    • Round head – 6.7 oz.
    • Square head – 6.7 oz.
    • Mallet – 20.8 oz.”
  • A heat gun is provided to heat the dented area of the aluminum panel that needs to be repaired.
    Heat shield gel is used to create a barrier to protect the parts of the panel that are not to be heated during the aluminum repair process.
  • An angled air die grinder is provided as a dedicated tool to eliminate cross-contamination during aluminum repair. It can be used to remove the weld studs and/or for other sanding or grinding operations.
  • A starter kit of aluminum studs, and zinc-plated steel eye bolts with a plastic holding case is provided
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More and more car manufacturers are turning to aluminum, a lightweight yet strong material, in vehicle construction. However, aluminum has unique properties that require specialized tools, equipment, and processes for repair. This is where the Multitool Workstation with M35 shines, offering the precision and expertise needed for these repairs.


  • Single phase input 115V 50/60Hz
  • Supply fuse rating (slow blow) 15 A
  • Weight 270 lbs
  • Dimensions inches 39.4 x 20.5 x 61.4h

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