Flatliner Business System

Flatliner Business System

A complete working station for all damage repairs

The Flatliner Business System is the key tool–with its excellent selection of bridges and hammers–that repairs damage of any kind to standard vehicles, where all of the work is done entirely from the outside.

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  • Smaller repair areas
  • Shorter painting times
  • Minimizes demontage
  • Less demand for spare parts orders
  • Saves up to 40% time on auto body repairs


  • Small and large sliding hammer
  • Blue trolley with power strip and compressed air connector
  • Three various-sized bridges with exchangeable multifunctional components
  • Innopuller
  • Digispot welder for manual or automatic welding
    • Can be used with either a copper tip or carbon stick for shrinking

Two types of bits:

  • Straight: Can be welded in close proximities for maximum pulling force
  • Twisted: Welded to the sheet metal approximately at 1 cm apart; features five hammers (three different sizes) with vertical and horizontal aluminum fins

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