Koala – Pulling Rack

Koala – Pulling Rack

Easy on Your Budget, Big on Your Profit

Koala is the small straightening bench with great versatility and potential. Suitable for all situations, Koala can handle most of the structural work your shop will see. Compact and out of the way when not in use due to the 6″ height when fully lowered. Economical enough to put in every technicians stall, as multiple benches can share removable pulling post and other common tools.

Use Koala as a work bay lift for blueprinting, vehicle tear down and reassembly, or metal straightening. Put the vehicle in sill clamps, attach the 10 ton post and Koala can handle 90% of the structural work that comes through your shop. Positioning of the vehicle without ramps; at only 6″ high off the floor Koala is a true drive-over bench.

  • 360 degree quick and simple 10 ton pull post mounting
  • Sill Clamps for extended space
  • 5 feet 3 inches of working height
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  • Sill Slamps with extension plates allow increased space between the bench and vehicle, allowing room for any type of measuring system on the market.
  • The mounting of the pull post is quick and simple and it can be mounted anywhere 360 degrees around the Koala frame.
  • Raise 5,500 lbs to a working height of 5 feet 3 inches. Koala lests you choose the most ergonomic working height from just a few inches to almost five and a half feet.


  • Length: 10ft
  • Width: 3ft
  • Min. Height: 6”
  • Max. Height: 5’ 3”
  • Lifting Capacity: 5,500 lbs
  • Weight: 3,241 lbs
  • Working Footprint: 222” x 139”
  • Power Supply: 220-240 V, 60Hz 20 amps
  • Single Phase Dedicated Line

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