Evolution System

Evolution System

The ideal bench for heavy accommodations

Precisely engineered and built for attention to detail, the Evolution System–also known as the Evolution-Jig–is the ultimate bench solution for providing increased access and workability over mobile systems when using pinch-weld clamps and electronic measuring–or the Globaljig universal jig system. In addition, loading vehicles becomes a faster and easier process thanks to the tilt, designed to reduce winch-strain and maintain the minimum height for safety.

To take extra safety precautions in your shop, we recommend using the versatile drive-over Koala in conjunction with the Evolution System. This small straightening bench utilizes four sill clamps to keep vehicles secure and in place.

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The Evolution System can be completed to become a full Globaljig system complete with accessories trolley and McPherson overhead measuring bridge.


  • Length: 14.8 ft (4.5 m)

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